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Forest Carbon Ltd

We enable businesses to turn carbon footprints into UK woodlands, certified to ISO 14065 under the government`s Woodland Carbon Code. We`ve planted 7 million trees in 135 new woodlands across the UK for our partners - trees that also offer multiple other benefits to our society.
Since 2006 Forest Carbon has been creating these new woodlands in the UK on behalf of companies and individuals wanting to capture the unavoidable CO2 emissions that arise from their activities and make a wider contribution to local environments and communities at the same time. Forest Carbon is the country`s leading developer of voluntary carbon woodland schemes certified under the Woodland Carbon Code.
The Woodland Carbon Code was launched in July 2011 delivers ISO 140165 certified carbon woodland projects that offer tangible social and environmental benefits; it is the only standard of its kind in the UK. The Code ensures that: The right trees have been planted, in the right place; The carbon capture estimates are project specific, scientifically sound and risk adjusted; The woodlands are managed to a high standard; The trees are protected in the long term; The trees would not be there but for the intervention of Forest Carbon and partners.
Woodland Carbon Code credits are an accepted carbon mitigation mechanism under Defra corporate environmental reporting guidelines.
The woodlands that we and our partners create are designed to be carbon sinks that also act as public recreational spaces, wildlife habitats, biodiversity enhancers, landscape improvers, flood reducers, pollution filters and employment supporters. We have created woodlands with open spaces, woodlands with footpaths, woodlands for communities and woodlands for sustainable timber, ranging from 5 acres to 500. Our business partners include sole traders and FTSE100 companies, and our project hosting partners include farmers, private estates, local authorities, local and national charities, National Parks and the Crown Estate.

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