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Mixergy Limited

By only heating what you need, the Mixergy Tank recovers to a useable temperature 5x faster, and ensures excess energy is not wastefully used heating the entire tank volume, as with conventional hot water tanks. Unique sensing technology accurately measures the amount of hot water available, and an onboard computer is capable of learning what you use to optimise your hot water schedule and save energy further. Together, our tanks create the 'Internet of Tanks' fleet which is helping to build a giant battery for the National Grid, producing a more cost effective and greener solution to energy storage, and enabling more renewable generation! Internet connectivity allows the user to remotely control the tank from their phone and corroborate the systems minute by minute energy consumption with the real-time readings from a smart meter. The Mixergy Tank can also optimise energy savings with future smart tariffs and facilitate more renewable energy by increasing our ability to use it when it is available through demand response - saving on carbon and cost.

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