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VYNCKE turns biomass waste and other solid fuels into green energy. This way we can eliminate your waste problem but also provide you with valuable energy for your production process.

We design and build green and clean energy plants and are specialists in complex solutions: difficult and varying fuels, strict emissions, high availability and a low total cost of ownership. We have a deep knowledge in handling different types of fuel ranging from wood waste, rice husk, sunflower hulls, palm empty fruit bunches, RDF and more. On the other hand we have also built a strong know-how in multi-fuel plants, using a range of fuels in one energy system.

We`re an expert in providing energy systems with different media. The energy plants come as steam boilers, steam turbines, hot water heaters, thermal oil heaters, hot gas generators or any combination of the above.
This flexibility allows us to provide solutions for many different industries, such as the wood industry (wood based panel producers, sawmills, furniture industry), the agro and food industry (edible oil mills, rice mills, ...) and also for any energy consumer opting for renewable energy. We provide solutions from high efficiency standard concepts up to complex tailor made energy solutions ranging from 0.5 to 100MWth and from 1 to 15 MWe.

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