Adam Stanton


Adam Stanton is the Network & Services Manager for Goodyear Commercial Tyres, Europe where he is responsible for Goodyear’s commercial tyre service offer, including the development of Goodyear’s TruckForce network. In his role, Adam and his team work closely with over 2,000 independent service locations to ensure that TruckForce is able to deliver the premium, assured service expected by Goodyear’s fleet partners. Previously, Adam held the role of Commercial Product Marketing Manager in the UK, before moving to become Goodyear’s Marketing Manager EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) for Retread and OTR Tyres. More recently, Adam held the position of Marketing Manager Fleet & Service Solutions, Europe, where he was responsible for the development of Goodyear’s FleetFirst programme.

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Multiple life concept tyres, the benefits to your fleet vehicles

Multiple Life Concept extends the life of your tyres by combining both regrooving and retreading along with the importance of tyre husbandry. This enables you to maximise tyre performance, lower running costs and improve your CO2 footprint – all contributing towards a significant reduction in your fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership.


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