Adrian Griffiths

Recycling Technologies

Adrian is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Recycling Technologies Ltd and is an enthusiastic supporter of the “waste to resource” transformation, with a passion to make a difference to the story of plastic and to make all plastic
practicably recyclable. Adrian formed Recycling Technologies to commercialise the development of a modular, mass producible machine to chemically recycle plastic. Recycling Technologies’ recycling unit can be located and operated at
existing waste centres around the globe and returns plastics back to an oil, a valuable hydrocarbon product with multiple uses in the wax, fuel and petrochemical sectors.
Adrian graduated as an engineer from Imperial College, London and spent many years in the automotive and then the aerospace sectors. As a consultant and engineering manager, Adrian has extensive strategic planning, commercial,
operations and technical management experience in a variety of sectors.

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Chemical Recycling: economically creating capacity to recycle all plastic.

With the capacity for recycling plastic in the UK standing at just 360Kt pa and China banning the import of plastic waste, there is an urgent need to boost domestic plastic recycling capacities. This has to be done economically and quickly. Recycled material must have valuable end uses that ensure its competitiveness against virgin material, even when oil prices are low. Chemical recycling may well be the solution.


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