Agamemnon Otero MBE


Agamemnon Otero is the Co-Founder/ Co-CEO of Repowering, and Director of Brixton Energy, Energy Garden and Clean Marine. Agamemnon is a London Leader and sits on Business Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Community Energy Contact Group and has been recognised with an MBE. Agamemnon is experienced in providing finance solutions for the energy sector including project development, management and operations. Previously he was Director for Renewable Energy Project Finance and Social Responsibility at a financial institution and CFO for a renewable energy trading company. He is currently project managing a 12.5 MW community-owned renewable energy and gardening project Energy Garden, as well as managing operations for marine transport infrastructure company Clean Marine.

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Cracking the Code: Repowering Urban spaces

Repowering is developing urban energy projects that address fuel poverty & air quality. Agamemnon will share the development and delivery of the first approved Block Chain Energy System with battery storage and AI - as well as how urban guerrilla gardening is helping the single biggest energy consumer in the UK, TFL, to reduce its emissions, generate solar power, improve air quality, biodiversity and clean up plastic waste.


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