Alex Epstein


Alex Epstein is Chief Marketing Officer at BigChange, the Mobile Workforce Management company. Alex has been involved in resource management technology for over 10 years and joined BigChange in 2013. As a member of the Leadership team at BigChange, Alex manages a team of app and Waste software experts who help companies to Plan, Manage, Schedule and Track their operations easily and intuitively in the cloud. Alex loves to share his insights and experiences in an engaging and informative way.

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Power of Now – how technology is transforming both the customer experience and profitability in Waste

The sheer speed of technological change is creating opportunities (and also threats) across all industries. BigChange share insights into how apps and easy to use technology enable Waste and Recycling companies to tap into the latest consumer trends, and not get left behind in an industry that’s changing fast. The future of the Waste industry is here; here’s how you can make the most of it right now.