Andy Hill

Wood Recyclers Association

Andy has worked in the UK Organics and Alternative Fuels sectors for over 13 years, with the last nine years at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, building their Alternative Fuels business. Andy’s particular focus is on the commercial development of alternative fuels for the Wood, RDF and SRF markets, requiring the development of fuel production facilities and associated supply chains including logistics, ports and shipping.

This has culminated in the establishment of over half a million tonnes of alternative fuels supply to a number of UK and export markets including to the CHP and cement sectors. As a result, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK became the largest exporter of alternative fuels and has recently been successful in entering non-EU markets for the cement industry.

Following this successful career, Andy decided to set up his own consultancy business, Cynosure Partners, offering support services and development work for companies involved in the Alternative Fuels markets, with a particular focus on emerging markets. In addition, Andy is also the Chairman of the Wood Recyclers’ Association in the UK, which represents both UK producers and European energy and panelboard consumers.

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