Ben Moore

Veolia Water Technologies

Ben Moore is the Business Development Manager of the Power Market for Veolia Water Technologies. Ben has worked in the field of industrial water treatment for over 15 years with extensive experience with all types of industrial systems and processes and expertise in all areas of water treatment including pre-treatment, process systems, and waste water. Over the last 3 years Ben has focused in the Power Market and has supported many clients with the design and implementation of efficient water treatment systems using an array of technologies.

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Rethink water: Resource efficiency and resilience for the Power Industry.

One of the biggest aims for industry is to find ways to make their processes or treatment systems more efficient; either through energy, chemical, and water reduction or simply cost savings. This is being exacerbated as a result of macro trends, such as water scarcity, resource constraints, higher energy costs and water pollution. By rethinking the approach to water, organisations can identify a wide range of opportunities to manage their water more efficiently, reduce consumption and ultimately save money.


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