Ben Murray

Carbon Smart

Ben has over 20 years’ experience of business efficiency and sustainability consulting. Prior to founding Carbon Smart he worked with Accenture and Oliver Wyman Consulting, leading supply chain and operational projects. His client work has included supply chain assessment for clients such as: Stora Enso, Tereos, Wagon, Deloitte, RBS, the Commonwealth Secretariat and Central UK government departments,

Ben oversaw Carbon Smart’s work to completely overhaul the Defra conversion factors including the factors provided for supply chain assessment. Ben is a member of the University of Cambridge Sustainability Leader’s network and is the Client Director of this project. Ben has extensive experience in building complex environmental data management and modelling tools, which enable clients to review and update their environmental data on an ongoing basis.

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Unwrapping the solutions to sustainable packaging

In the UK we buy £133bn of goods online, this takes 520K tonnes of cardboard or 9 million trees to package, over 300k tonnes of CO2 are produced as a result. Plastics and timber-based products have supply chains that reach back to markets that are global hot spots for labour issues such as modern slavery and child labour. As the world moves online how can packaging manufacturers and providers ensure that eCommerce packaging is sustainable for the planet and its people.


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