Cameron Welsh


Cameron Welsh holds a senior business development role at Edinburgh based Flexitricity, the UK’s leading Demand Response Aggregator. Cameron is now in his fourth year and has been assisting developers of flexible generation as well as commercial and industrial sites to access value from the ancillary services, Capacity Market and trading.
Cameron career has spanned a broad range of industrial applications from his background as an electrical and electronic engineer in the defence industry, scoping and deploying industrial automation and control projects within manufacturing and finally business process outsourcing of IT services within data centre environments.
Cameron is currently engaged with a range of battery storage, gas peaking, industrial load and heat networks projects across Great Britain.

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User-led energy: rebuilding the electricity industry using customer-side resources

Demand side response (DSR) offers huge carbon and cost savings for small generators and I&C businesses and the growth in renewable generation and the decline in fossil fuels means that the value of flexibility is growing. The challenge is to make the most of these opportunities. Wider adoption of demand response services will not only benefit individual businesses but our whole energy system and consumers alike.


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