Cat Fletcher & Steve Hartley

Freegle and Brighton & Hove City Council

Cat Fletcher is an award-winning and tireless waste-prevention activist and at the frontline of facilitating reuse in Brighton and beyond. In 2009 Cat co-founded Freegle: UK’s online free reuse network now with 2.6 million members and she still does all their publicity. Cat sourced most of the materials as part of Design Team for award winning Waste House at the University of Brighton (2014) – it’s 90% constructed with ‘waste’ and she contributed a chapter for Duncan Baker-Brown’s book about the circular economy “The Reuse Atlas” (2017)
When she’s not talking and lecturing about waste and what she does, Cat is busy actually doing it! She operates a creative reuse depot from 8 shipping containers, runs Tech-Takeback pop-up shops, provides bespoke reuse services to universities, councils, business and citizens and is always collaborating across all sectors to provide solutions to the niche and ubiquitous waste problems that affect us all.

Steve Hartley is a Project Manager for Brighton and Hove City Council and works with a dynamic team responsible for modernising and managing change within the council.

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Reduce Waste, Save Money, Support Residents! Council and Reuse Charity Collaboration

The Kings House Reuse Project changed the way the council thinks about its own waste. It involved emptying the largest office block in the city (100,000 square feet) of 170 tonnes of furniture and equipment. Not a scrap went to landfill.
We minimised waste through reuse: changing staff behaviour, attitude and understanding. The project benefited local residents, universities, schools, hospitals, businesses, and charities. It also saved the council money. Brighton & Hove City Council worked in partnership with Freegle, a non-profit organisation that facilitates re-use.


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