Chris Russell

Tonik Energy

Chris Russell is the co-founder and Managing Director of renewable energy supplier Tonik Energy.

Tonik Energy is a renewable energy company that wants to do more than simply supply clean, affordable gas and electricity. By accelerating the uptake of microgeneration, battery storage and electric vehicles, Tonik plan to halve our customer’s bills by 2022, putting the consumer in control of how they generate, store and use energy.

Prior to founding Tonik, Chris worked as a Director at Baringa Partners in their smart grid practice where he worked deployment of smart meter propositions for a large UK energy supplier.

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We believe in a cleaner, greener future. One where consumers evolve into ‘prosumers’ – where people become active participants in the market sharing benefits across the community by lowering all of our costs and reducing excess waste – eliminating nasty surprises like price spikes along the way. We’re building a community where technology enables people to control how they generate and use their energy.


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