Craig Michel


Craig Michel has been involved in the construction industry since childhood, and has channelled his experience, expertise and enthusiasm into developing a product specifically to solve problems, overcome hurdles and make life easier for businesses operating in the waste and recycling sector.

Developing a product such as Zappshelter has captured the attention and interest of both industry operators and regulatory bodies alike. Far from being a sales pitch, Craig presents his solution to real, every-day challenges in a lively and humorous way, but with a frank message that gets the audience thinking about not only ways that they can make more money profit from waste, but their environmental responsibilities too.

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Covering up and why it matters

There is a growing demand for dry waste product, and an increasing awareness of the impact of storage and handling of waste on the environment. Considering both aspects, there has never been a better time to look at ways to cover or enclose waste storage facilities. New facilities can be planned with this in mind, but existing facilities need a solution without having to redevelop sites. This is where we come in.


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