Dr Alastair Martin


Dr. Alastair Martin is a professional energy engineer with experience ranging from gigawatt-scale coal and nuclear power stations, through industrial energy efficiency, to small wind, solar, biomass and hydro generators.
In 2004, Alastair founded Martin Energy Ltd, now Flexitricity Limited, after formulating the core Flexitricity concepts of aggregated load management and flexible generation.

Alastair has 26 years of experience in the energy industry. Before founding Flexitricity, he worked on energy efficiency and renewable energy at Scottish Water. Prior to that, Alastair was a project engineer for Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited (1998-2000), now Doosan Babcock, where he created a repowering strategy for a major nuclear client and developed novel technologies for improving coal-fired power station efficiency. Previously, he conducted research at Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh in process intensification and offshore engineering.

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User-led energy: rebuilding the electricity industry using customer-side resources

Demand side response (DSR) offers huge carbon and cost savings for small generators and I&C businesses and the growth in renewable generation and the decline in fossil fuels means that the value of flexibility is growing. The challenge is to make the most of these opportunities. Wider adoption of demand response services will not only benefit individual businesses but our whole energy system and consumers alike.