Dr Bernd Fitzke


Bernd Fitzke is a chemical engineer by profession. During his work at the Mass Transfer Laboratory of the Technical University Clausthal he completed several national and international research projects regarding design, construction and improvement of wastewater treatment systems. His most recent work focused on process integrated biological and oxidative wastewater treatment. Bernd has a PhD in engineering sciences and wrote a thesis on low loaded anaerobic reactor systems.
He moved to the Technical University of Berlin to head the industrial wastewater treatment group at the Department of Environmental Technology, dealing with MBR technology, dynamic modelling, and trace pollutants. Next to his scientific career he worked as engineering consultant for municipal wastewater treatment plants and high rate bio reactor systems.
As an expert in the field of biological waste treatment, wastewater treatment and MBR technology, he moved to WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH in beginning of 2008 to chief WEHRLE’s R&D department and got full responsibility as Managing Director in 2016.

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Ammonia Treatment Technologies

In this seminar cost effective and environmentally sound treatment processes for the removal of dissolved ammonia from industrial and waste derived effluents as well as return liquors will be presented and explained on the basis of technical scale installations.


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