Dr Geoff Brighty

Plastic Oceans UK

Geoff heads up Science, Policy and Sustainability for Plastic Oceans UK. He is a highly experienced and passionate environmentalist with a 30-uyear career in roles that span research, strategy, policy and operations in environmental regulation and management. He was Environment Agency Deputy Director Area Manager for 7 years, and led waste and resource strategy management in East of England.

Geoff led the UK Government environmental research programmes on endocrine disruption (ED), including groundbreaking discoveries of ED chemicals, and their impacts on fish and invertebrates. He is a published scientist with over 4000 paper citations for his work

Plastic Oceans started in 2009 to highlight the issues of plastic pollution. Joining in 2014, Geoff advised on the science content of the Foundations’ Film, A Plastic Ocean, and led the Science Behind the Film publication. He leads for policy development and research programmes for the Foundation, and on sustainability advice to business.

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Understanding the Plastic Problem: the Key to Unlock the Solution

The explosion of awareness of ocean plastics, following our Foundation’s film A Plastic Ocean, and more recently Blue Planet 2, has led to a range of solutions being proposed – bans, circular economy, bioplastics etc. This issue is much more nuanced and complex that at first sight. The seminar will focus on defining the ‘plastic’ problem, so as to understand what the potential solutions.


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