Dr Tim Johnson

Tetronics International

A technical director with a plasma and engineering focus particularly in the areas of waste reuse/recovery and clean heating. Tim obtained a PhD from the University of Birmingham in 1990 before spending eight years as a research fellow operating and coordinating the work of the university’s large plasma melting facility. Since joining Tetronics, he has focused on technology development and the delivery of commercial plants. Tim is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and author of over 100 published papers.

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Recovery of Precious Metals from E-Waste using Clean Plasma Technology

Dr Tim Johnson will discuss the benefits of plasma technology as a clean solution for recovering valuable precious metals from the world’s fastest growing waste stream – e Waste.

The heat and ultra-violet light properties of plasma technology are perfect for smelting and preferentially separating the precious metals contained with the electronics waste, whilst also destroying any hazardous elements. The remaining waste material is then vitrified into resalable building product called Plasmarok®.


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