Gary Clarke

SmartDrive Systems Ltd

A specialist in developing business and technology solutions to provide demonstrable value add to the customers’ bottom line, Gary has more than 25 years’ experience in managed services and outsourcing, enterprise cloud based SaaS solutions, supply chain management, mobile applications and unified communications, working for multinationals such as IBM, PwC, Orange, PA Consulting Group and Teletrac Navman.

At SmartDrive, Gary has developed an in depth understanding of the requirements of recycling and waste management fleets, with regard to road risk reduction, driver behaviour and fleet safety. An active member with the CIWM, Gary is committed to helping fleets in the waste and recycling sector identify and reduce risky driving behaviour in their fleets, improving safety and delivering a measurable ROI.

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Managing Road Risk With Video Based Safety

Waste and recycling fleet vehicles have unique configurations, frequently operate in congested and hazardous environments and face significant risk tied to collisions, personal injury and property damage. Managing these risks is critical to ensuring the safety of employees and the general public, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Clarke will review how video-based safety programmes yield measurable results, enabling fleets to make informed decisions to reduce collisions and exonerate drivers when not at fault.


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