Helen Bentley-Fox

Woodsure Ltd

Helen has a masters in Environmental management and another in Sustainable Development Advocacy. Helen has worked within the environmental/sustainability industry for over 18 years in both public and private sector, in a UK and an international context.

Helen led the development of the Woodsure woodfuel quality certification scheme and is an experienced auditor for woodfuels including Woodsure and ENplus. For four years she has been involved in the development of European and international standards as an advisor to the British Standards technical committee on solid biomass. Helen is also technical advisor to the BSL and Head of licensing for Grown in Britain.

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Burning wood – good or bad?

Moving from fossil fuels and returning to using wood as a fuel has come under fire recently. Following headlines of London suffering poor air quality last year, evidence was collated to demonstrate when and how this might be true and when not. The presentation will cover both waste or reclaimed wood and virgin timber; the pros and cons and when to burn it.


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