Henk Kaskens

Modulo Beton Modular Recycling Centres Ltd

Henk Kaskens has an extensive experience in the waste recycling sector in counties like the Netherlands, Canada and the UK. He was manager of a network of 18 HMRC’s in the Netherlands for 7 years and was consequently founder and owner of Orgaworld International that was acquired by Shanks PLC in 2012. Henk was member of the Excom of Shanks PLC until July 2015 and is presently owner of the Modulo Beton business in the UK and Canada.

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A new HWRC in Cardiff on top of a landfill: layout and construction

Modulo-Beton UK has constructed a modular, split level HWRC in Cardiff recently. I will be speaking about the design, layout & construction of this flagship HWRC that has been constructed on top of a closed landfill. An extremely good example of multipurpose application of land for recycling purposes!