James Lee

Cromwell Polythene

James Lee is Managing Director of Cromwell Polythene one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sacks, bags and liners for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables. He is responsible for overall business strategy, markets and product development, key production partner relationships, brand development, contracts and tenders. James also directs Cromwell Polythene’s purchasing team to safeguard its long standing connections with suppliers in the UK and overseas, and strives for mutual benefits and growth with minimal impact on the environment.

His professional interests include the collection and treatment of waste and recyclables, packaging, and plastics recycling, especially its resource efficiency role in the closed loop economy. Since 1983 James has been an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, and a Chartered Waste Manager since 2014.

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Time to stop bashing the plastics

There has been something of a media frenzy regarding the use of plastic in recent months. Should we be looking for alternative options or are we in danger of trying to tackle hugely complicated worldwide issues without fully considering cause and effect? Plastics are essential for modern life, and, when manufactured and used responsibly, they can greatly benefit the environment, especially in regards to waste management and resource efficiency.


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