Jeff Douglas

Energy Systems Catapult

Jeff Douglas is Practice Manager, Energy Systems at The Energy Systems Catapult. He previously worked on the Smart Systems and Heat Programme with The Energy Technologies Institute, and led electricity network strategy and development at Central Networks, then a part of E.ON UK.

He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and a member of the IET’s Energy Sector Executive group. His specialities are: the strategic development of heat systems, electricity distribution, strategy, regulation and future electricity networks.

Current interests include energy system strategy with a focus on heat, shaping the energy products, services, tools and approaches that enable transition to a low carbon future.

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Ensuring efficient energy resources and infrastructure

The transition process for our energy system involves many choices and decisions that help shape the assets and infrastructure so critical for future life and prosperity. This session looks at some of the ‘whole system’ insights, suggests an approach to local strategic planning and outlines the potential for new consumer services and business models.


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