John Ferguson

Pi Polymer Ltd / EcoideaM Ltd

John Ferguson runs an industrial ecology company EcoideaM Ltd based in Scotland. His current work includes leading the Scottish development of Project Beacon, a new plastics recycling facility under development in partnership with Recycling Technologies Ltd. He is a graduate of St Andrews University and worked for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for 13 years where he was head of the National Waste Strategy and Clean Technology teams. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management. By applying industrial ecology principles he believes we can develop industrial systems that significantly improve our ability to recover resources, produce clean energy and deliver economic systems founded on long-term environmental sustainability and social benefits. He believes that applied sustainability practice is fundamentally about the welfare of people through the effective management of our interaction with resources, energy, food, water and shelter.

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Recycling Large Mixed Rigid Plastics – Challenges and Solutions

We will describe our solution to the recycling of mixed large rigid commercial, industrial and household plastics which have been heavily impacted by the Chinese export embargo. We will review the challenges this material presents and how we are resolving these to establish value added supply chains in the UK.


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