Judith Turner, Vicki Cooper & Denise McGlynn

Judith is the Environment and Energy Technical Manager for Lloyds Register (LR). With almost 20 years’ experience in LR developing and assessing against management system standards, and previous to that specialist environmental roles within the mineral and waste sectors, Judith is best placed to outline the certification processes involved in CMS.

Vicki Cooper (360 Environmental)
Vicki Cooper, Director of 360 Environmental, a consultancy specialising in helping companies to understand and comply with a wide range of waste legislation compliance issues. Vicki brings 20 years of practical experience to deliver compliance and practical benefits during the design and delivery of CMS.

Denise McGlynn (Energy & Utility Skills)
Denise is the Client Manager for Water, Waste Management & Recycling at Energy & Utility Skills. With over ten years’ experience of working with the Water & Waste Management industries developing workforce development and competency solutions, this includes the development and approval of the Competence Management System as a scheme to demonstrate technical competence for Environmental Permits.

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Competence Management Scheme – demonstration of Environmental Permit Technical Competence

CMS is a management system based standard developed by EU Skills which is approved by Defra, the EA, the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales as a method of demonstrating technical competence of permitted waste sites. It can be used by any organisation, from any industry, that is required to demonstrate technical competence for their environmental permit.
Learn more about the Standard, the benefits of implementing a CMS and the route to certification.


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