Julian Jansen

IHS Markit

Julian Jansen is a Senior Analyst at IHS Markit Technology. He leads the group’s global research on stationary energy storage and provides deep insight on the key value drivers and emerging business models accelerating storage deployment across Europe and North America. Additionally, Julian delivers strategic advice for bespoke projects on the interplay between e-mobility and the energy industry, as well as covering various other new energy technologies.

Prior to joining IHS Markit, Julian established and managed the energy storage research area at specialist consultancy firm Delta-ee.

Julian holds an MSc in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh, as well as a BBA in European Management from Lancaster University and a BSc in International Management from ESB Business School in Germany.

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How is the UK positioned in the context of the global energy storage market?

This seminar will provide an overview of the current status of energy storage in the UK. Using IHS Markit’s latest research, the presentation will analyse what applications, business models and technologies are driving the future growth and what challenges need to be overcome to realise the market’s potential. Reflecting on the government’s industrial strategy, the seminar will also evaluate where and how UK businesses can take a leading position within this emerging market.


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