Keith Picton


Keith Picton is the Marketing Manager at Blazequel – specialists in fire protection for the waste recycling environment. His main passion within the sector is the use of specialist detection technologies to catch fire risks at the earliest stage possible. Underutilised detection technology can provide some of the biggest fire safety gains for the industry.
Keith has intensively researched all forms of fire detection systems, and countless equipment manufacturers to ensure that Blazequel only bring the best and most reliable fire safety solutions to the market. He is actively involved in designing fire safety systems for new and existing facilities, and bringing those projects through to completion.

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Detecting Fires in Waste Recycling Environments

The facts about fire detection in waste recycling applications! Discover the merits and weaknesses of different fire detection technologies, and their suitability in the waste recycling environment.
We’ll be discussing real-life fire ‘saves’, analysing footage of fire incidents, and discussing all types of risk area – from your process lines through to building protection and outdoor areas. Come and learn how best to protect your facility from the risk of fire.


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