Lucy Hopwood

NNFCC – The Bioeconomy Consultants

Lucy Hopwood is NNFCC’s Lead Consultant for Bioenergy and Anaerobic Digestion. She has worked in this field for the past 15 years. Lucy comes from an agricultural background and originally specialised in feedstock supply to the bioeconomy, focussing on agricultural, forestry and waste production systems before moving her focus to associated treatment or conversion technologies. Lucy is responsible for providing strategic advice, planning and technical support on bioenergy policies, technologies and markets with specific objectives to de-risk developers and investors decisions and to provide technical support to policy makers to help shape the future policy landscape. Lucy works extensively with clients to help shape the future bioeconomy landscape and to support deployment of and investment in robust and sustainable projects.

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Where next for Bioenergy?

In a time of great uncertainty for the bioenergy industry, consideration of future opportunities becomes rather timely. Many of the Government support mechanisms are coming to an end or tariffs are falling to unviable levels, so the industry is being forced to take a more innovative approach to develop sustainable business opportunities. This should be a thought provoking session for anyone with an interest or involvement in bioenergy.


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