Malcolm Lythgo

Head of Waste Regulation at Environment Agency

Overseeing the national implementation of waste legislation and enforcement work for the Environment Agency, Malcolm engages with industry and Government to achieve better outcomes for the environment when dealing with waste. Having started his career regulating waste sites in Devon and Nottinghamshire, Malcolm has come back to Waste after more than 15 years as an EA strategic manager in several national and area roles, including Area Manager in the Midlands and Head of the National Environmental Monitoring Service.

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The ever changing world of Resources and Waste: A Regulator’s perspective

Malcolm will give the view from the regulator''s position, as the waste industry adjusts in response to significant domestic and foreign influences. He will discuss how the Environment Agency is working with Government and industry to influence, plan and adapt to these changes. Malcolm with talk about the priorities the Environment Agency focused on to minimise the impact on the industry while seeking opportunities for positive change.


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