Mike Wilkinson

Wood Energy / Strong Energy LTD

Mike is long term renewable energy expert with over 8 Years’ experience in the Industrial Grade Biomass sector with specific and enviable knowledge in combined heat and power generation applications.
With a proven track record of helping waste businesses turn problems into profits through innovative solutions he has become well known in recent years.
Approachable with a clear and easy to understand philosophy, Mike is able to deconstruct each section of a waste business and demonstrate precisely how very substantial profits can be gained through changes to the business model.

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Turning Waste Wood into Profit For your business with CHP

Learn how Heat and Power from waste wood can benefit your business, in so many profitable ways. Using waste wood to power a biomass boiler and adding an ORC to generate electricity can see a payback in less than 2 years. The benefits can be substantial with many clients saving over £1m a year giving them the business advantage they need to remain ahead of the competition.


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