Nigel Palmer

Wright Rain Environmental Ltd

Nigel Palmer has been in the water pumping, piping and distribution business his whole career, progressing from irrigation systems design in the 1980s and irrigation project management throughout the world and many of the sub-Saharan African countries, before buying Wright Rain in 1999. Wright Rain Environmental was started to concentrate on the environmental dust control for the mineral aggregate and waste businesses using the same system design and pumping experience together with the nozzle, rain gun and sprinkler knowledge to obtain the optimum performance. Fire control has become a major issue for most areas of the waste recycling business and Nigel''s skills and experience have been put to good use to develop the Wright Rain Environmental fire suppression division of the business. Nigel lives in the Hampshire New Forrest and travels extensively around the UK to offer help and support on dust and fire issues where required.

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The Effective Suppression of Dust and Fire

Nigel Palmer''s experience of decision making throughout a wide range of waste applications and the inter-relationships between individual waste companies'' perception of risk from fire or dust nuisance. The implications that these risks create including insurance companies demands, Environment Agencies demands, financial constraints and perceptions of residents and potential clients to the business;. Summary of systems currently in use within the waste industries...


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