Nikki DiGiovanni

Reuseful UK

Nikki DiGiovanni is Chief Executive Officer of Reuseful UK the national reuse charity supporting 70+ scrapstores and creative reuse and resource centres by diverting surplus businesses resources for community benefit.

Thirty years experience in the voluntary and corporate sector ranging from local to international level. Experienced director and trustee from micro to national organisations working with local and national government and a wide range
of organisations on projects and programmes that include diversity, empowerment, resourcefulness, reuse, remanufacturing and socio environmental objectives.

Reuseful UK has been nominated for many awards and in 2018 won the Rushlight Resource Recycling Award for the Re:Form Scheme a ground-breaking partnership between Reuseful UK, Veolia and the local network member Cambridgeshire Community Reuse and Recycling Network. Re:Form is a workwear and PPE debranding reuse and remanufacturing scheme.

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Reimagining Resources Transforming Lives by Making Reuse Child’s Play

Discover Reuseful UK the industry’s best kept secret. Learn how a network of tenacious, dedicated army of staff and volunteers reuse business surplus resources and by-products to create opportunities for people to learn new skills,
contribute to their community and find employment. Realise how to cut costs, engage the workforce in reuse, fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes and make a difference locally and nationally.


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