Ola Willstrand

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Ola Willstrand works at the department of Fire Research at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Safety & Transport Division, since 2013. He is leading different types of projects focused on vehicle fire safety, fire detection, and spray diagnostics. He has experience of performing laboratory fire tests, from small-scale to full-scale, including extensive testing of different types of fire detection systems for vehicles. He has developed new test methods and certification rules in the area of vehicle fire safety and is involved in training offered by RISE within this area. Mr. Willstrand holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University.

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High standard fire detection and suppression systems for heavy vehicles

RISE Fire Research has put significant work into improving fire safety of heavy plant vehicles over the last 10 years. A certification scheme for fire detection and suppression systems intended for heavy plant vehicles has been developed, including test methods for evaluation of durability and performance in a well-defined and objective way. In addition, RISE has worked for many years with firesafe storage of biomass and waste, e.g. regarding self-heating and spontaneous ignition.


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