Oliver Rosevear

Head of Sustainability at Costa Coffee

Oliver Rosevear is the Head of Environment for Costa Coffee, the UK’s largest Coffee Shop Chain. Oliver is responsible for managing the environmental impact of the company. Since joining Costa in 2010 he has successfully delivering a 38% reduction in Carbon emissions across the retail estate. Costa Coffee Roastery in Lambeth was the first in Europe to implement the ISO50001 energy management standard in January 2012. He is responsible for developing the award winning Zero Energy EcoPod concept and more recently the World’s first BREEAM Outstanding Roastery. On waste Oliver has developed schemes with Biobean and Veolia to ensure Cups and Coffee grounds are recycled across the operation. He is also the architect of Costa’s commitment to recycle 500 million cups by 2020. Oliver is a Board Member of the Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group, an action group looking to improve recycling rates for paper cups across the UK.

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Join the UK’s biggest coffee cup recycling revolution

In April, Costa announced it will become the first UK coffee chain to commit to recycling the same volume of cups it puts onto the market. We are passionate about recycling coffee cups and have developed a scheme whereby waste management companies are financially incentivised to collect them. Cups are a high-value material that can be recycled up to seven times – with your help we will reach our 500m target.


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