Paul Clark

Rural Energy

Paul is the longest serving member of the Rural Energy executive team. Since joining the business back in 2002 he''s worked his way through the ranks to be appointed Managing Director back in 2012. Paul has since overseen the growth and successes of Rural Energy.
Recognised as an expert in the biomass sector, Paul has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems Technology. He is a key figure in the rapidly expanding biomass market and has advised trade associations such as the Renewable Energy Association and Wood Heating Association, lobbied Government regulations and been a spokesperson for biomass installation safety regulation.

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Small scale Waste 2 Energy using incineration

Rural Energy have a modular solution for small scale (15,000T per year) incineration of waste materials to reduce disposal costs and/or generate heat and electricity. Rural Energy will explain the types of waste that can be burnt and also the different package configurations available and describe the process for disposal of the waste and generation of the heat and/or power.


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