Richard Gueterbock


Richard is a Director of Clearfleau, part of the EnviroChemie Group, the leading German water engineering business. The company provides a range of water solutions for industrial and commercial sites and is one of the UK’s most innovative Anaerobic Digestion (AD) companies. In addition to building on-site bio-energy plants that convert industrial effluents and process residues into renewable energy, we can supply a range of containerised water treatment and recycling solutions for industrial sites, with reference plants in the food, beverage and biofuel sectors.

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Reducing Environmental Impact of Food Processing - Bio-energy and Water Reuse

Water use and energy consumption are key issues for the food processing sector. While food and drink manufacturers must satisfy customer and other stakeholder pressure on carbon emissions, they also need to manage water resources more effectively. On-site bio-energy can facilitate grey water re-use and, using case study examples, I will show how more effective effluent management will enable manufacturers to access the latent energy content in their liquid bio-residues.


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