Tamma Carel

Imvelo Ltd

Imvelo is an environmental consultancy that provides environmental management and environmental legal advice. In her role, Tamma advises on direct environmental issues such as natural resource requirements and waste management, as well as being able to support with staff engagement, financial savings and business resilience planning.

Tamma completed her MSc in Environmental Consultancy at Newcastle University and have gained professional recognition as an ''Environmental Practitioner'' through the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

She specialises in ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Auditing and Compliance with Environmental Legislation. Tamma’s passion is to facilitate industry to meet the growing demands of sustainable practices and drive sustainability for the future, by working with businesses in all sectors to ensure legal compliance, reduce business risk, prevent pollution and increase resource efficiency.

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ISO14001 and Sustainable Resource Management

The ISO14001:2015 transition aims to ensure that environmental management systems can address the environmental and wider sustainability challenges faced by organisations operating in a globalised economy. Sustainable resource management allows businesses to implement actions in relation to the selection, sourcing, usage and re-use of materials, at both an organisational level and across the value chain. Organisations are realising that robust resource management is good for the environment and for business.


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