Tom Passmore


Tom is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dsposal, an online platform connecting waste producers with licensed waste companies; combating waste crime, simplifying and digitising compliance, and helping to drive the move to a circular economy.
Tom has worked in the waste industry since 2010 for both the public and private sector and came up with the idea for Dsposal whilst cycling 8700 miles around North America. He’s passionate about the waste and resources sector and believes the right technology can help it meet today’s difficult challenges. He’s spoken at several Circular Economy and Tech for Good events and is a keen supporter of WasteAid.

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More Than Just Carnivorous Underground Robots - How Tech Can Support the Industry

With the waste industry in the lime light investors, entrepreneurs and tech giants have charged into the sector wanting to solve “the problem” with buzz words like blockchain, machine learning, industry 4.0 and IoT. But what is “the problem” and are buzz words the answer? In this seminar Tom will look at which tech innovations offer the industry new ways to evolve and which are a weird mutation. No prior tech knowledge needed!


  • Tony Gordon: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Tony Gordon - WWHR and why it can assist in the energy mix for buildings of the future

  • Shangxi Wen: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Shangxi Wen - Integrate Thermal Energy Storage with power generation and heat recovery

  • Julian Jansen: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Julian Jansen - How is the UK positioned in the context of the global energy storage market?

  • Clive Murray: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Clive Murray - Water as a traded commodity ‘’ Lets put a price on water’’

  • Quentin Scrimshire: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Quentin Scrimshire - Maximising the Potential of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage