Tom Wilson

Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd

Tom Wilson is Managing Director of Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd, a Company committed to design, installation and construction of waste treatment systems using steam. He has worked all his life as a steam system designer for blue chip companies such as Forgemasters, British Steel, British Bio-Chemicals, The Royal Navy, Tuscarora, Northern Foods, Pedigree Mars, British Nuclear Fuels, and the NHS among others. Known internationally as one of the few designers left of Steam Storage Systems and general Process Utilities and the designer of the Wilson System®.

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Converting the biogenic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (BMW) to a homogenous feedstock for energy conversion

Conversion of BMW to a homogenous feedstock via the Wilson System® is a proven and guaranteed method for pre-treatment of such wastes prior to energy conversion.
The Wilson System® utilises clean, dry, saturated steam within rotating autoclaves to produce biogenic fibre and torrefied biomass material in an economic process resulting in savings in primary energy and greenhouse gasses with potential diversion of all BMW away from landfill and making advanced energy conversion technology more efficient.
The Wilson System® also prepares such waste for its reliable conversion to a variety of Platform Chemicals.


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