Tony Gordon


Tony Gordon has been involved in renewable and sustainable technologies for 16 years, notably introducing new products to the UK market. Tony has introduced the category of waste water heat recovery into the UK through BRE and SAP.

He has been involved in lobbying policy and decision makers on improving performance of WWHRS in SAP and getting commercial systems recognised in SBEM.

Tony is MD of Showersave the first, brand leading and most efficient WWHRS in the market and the product of choice for many of the UK’s leading house builders and specifiers.

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WWHR and why it can assist in the energy mix for buildings of the future

This seminar will provide delegates with an overview of waste water heat recovery technologies in both residential and commercial environments. With many WWHR systems being recognised by BRE in SAP and recently in SBEM. They are a useful tool in an assessors and engineers tool box when achieving carbon commitments. The seminar will cover an overview of WWHR, installation; benefits and offer the opportunity for Q&A from delegates.


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