Trewin Restorick


Trewin Restorick is Founder and CEO of the award-winning charity Hubbub UK which transforms the way environmental messages are communicated by bringing people and organisations together as a force for good. He is also Chair of Student Hubs

Previously Trewin created Global Action Plan the UK’s leading environmental behaviour change charity. Trewin is a frequent media commentator on environmental issues and was trained by Al Gore as one of his climate change ambassadors

Before starting Global Action Plan, Trewin was Director of Fundraising at Friends of the Earth where he created PaperRound London’s leading community recycling business. Prior to Friends of the Earth, Trewin worked at Plymouth City Council and produced a youth TV programme for the BBC called Something Else.

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How behaviour change can cut littering

Changing behaviour is essential to reduce littering. The seminar will explore how behaviour change techniques such as ‘nudge’ can be used to cut littering. Practical case studies from a variety of campaigns will be used to highlight what has and what hasn’t work and how these lessons can be implemented in other areas.