Zoë Lenkiewicz

Head of Communications, WasteAid

Zoë Lenkiewicz is an award-winning waste management professional and co-founder of WasteAid. Specialising in community engagement and training, Zoë works with practitioners around the world to share best practice in essential waste management and recycling skills. Zoë was chief author of the WasteAid toolkit Making Waste Work (Oct 17), which has now been accessed by 30,000 people in 193 countries, and is a freelance consultant for the circular economy and smart materials sectors.

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Sharing Recycling Skills Around the World

WasteAid shares waste management and recycling essentials with communities to reduce pollution and create green jobs. No-cost and low-cost recycling techniques are very different to the processes employed in the UK. Find out about the diverse and creative recycling innovations developed in Africa, SE Asia and S America that make excellent local use of secondary materials.